Right Now Media

Right Now Media is a FREE resource for you! You'll find family devotion videos, studies on different books of the bible, topical studies (marriage, parents, apologetics, etc.), kid shows (Superbook VeggieTales), church & bible history. RightNow Media is compatible on multiple platforms, to include Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and android devices.

Two ways to set up your free account: 

1. text Rightnow BEFCW to 41411

2. email office@bibleefc.org to receive a link.


This is a great accountability program that is compatible with all devices and operating systems, and BEFC is please to offer church members a 20% discount on individual and family plans if you sign up using the provided link. Most students (boys and girls alike) are exposed to pornography by the age of 11, but with the help of accountability programs like this one, you can address it right away.


Culture Translator

This is a resource to help you understand some aspects of teen culture including music, video games, memes, and more. Sign  up for free to receive a weekly email or pay a subscription fee to get even more content. 


Bible Resources

Have you heard of The Bible Project?  They have all sorts of videos relating to the bible.  It is a fun way for everyone to learn a little more about each book of the bible and how the whole bible fits together.